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General Policies and Procedures:

  1. The prom is normally held on the third Saturday in April at the Rapid City Civic Center. The hours are from 7:00 to 11:00 pm.
  2. The prom is attended by about 1,200 students each year. Our largest prom was attended by about 1,600 students and our smallest was about 600.
  3. Tickets for the prom go on sale one month in advance and sell for $15 per person. Tickets are also sold at the door on the night of prom. Prom is totally self-supporting.
  4. Any junior or senior from City Central High School / Stevens High School / Jefferson / Career Learning Center and their date may attend the prom.
  5. Student dress for prom is formal. This means coat and tie for boys and dress for girls.
  6. Posters and tickets are printed locally. Poster design may be done by the prom committee, an individual student, or the printer. (Tickets are to be numbered for accurate accounting.)
  7. Refreshments will be served on the night of the prom. They are free for prom goers.
  8. Security will be hired for the prom. They are usually our school security. We also hire four event staff from the Civic Center.
  9. The chaperones for the prom come from the faculty of Central, Stevens and the academies.
  10. Post-prom activities are not the responsibility of the prom committee. The prom committee has all it can handle with the putting on of the prom.
  11. The prom budget is outlined at one of the first meetings. The fixed costs given are based on the last years expenses. Both schools use the prom account from year-to-year to pay for prom expenses (Stevens manages the account). Some costs vary from year-to-year depending on how much is spent on music. $500 is transferred to each schools senior class for the following year. The money from this year's prom provides the seed money for the next years prom.
  12. The junior class officers usually act as a steering committee, however, when the officers are too busy to work prom a prom committee chairperson may be appointed by the advisors. The senior class has also participated which started in 2009.
  13. Prom is sponsored by the junior classes of Central and Stevens, not student council. Student council representatives may be on the prom committee but rank no higher than any other junior.

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  1. Prom planning meetings (prom committee) begin following the end of the football season. This means November.
  2. The prom committee and its meetings are open to any junior or senior who wants to be there. They are not limited to student council representatives.
  3. The prom committee meets alternately between the two schools. Meetings are chaired by an advisor from the school where the meeting is being held. Sometimes the prom committee may form subcommittees between meetings of the prom committee.
  4. When making decisions the prom committee always tries to reach a consensus.
  5. Decisions made by the committees are decisions kept. This means we can not change our mind on decisions made from one meeting to the next. Since the prom meetings are open to all juniors. Either school may bring as many people to a meeting as they wish. It should be expected that meetings where the DJ and theme are chosen will be attended by more students than other meetings.
  6. The theme and music for the prom are not chosen by the advisors but by the student prom committee. The advisors may offer advise but the ultimate decisions rest with the students attending the prom committee meeting on the night when the theme and music are chosen. Voting is done in several times to limit the number of themes and finally on the top two vote getters. Each student has only one vote. Both schools can have as many voters as they want when decisions are reached. That is why it is important to have prom meetings announced for several days in the school bulletin.
  7. As of 2006/2007, the consensus was to have only a DJ and move away from a DJ - band for entertainment.
  8. Colors from prom may be chosen but they will not be the only colors used in decorating. Dark colors are not to be chosen because they do not show up in a darkened room.
  9. Each year we choose an official prom photographer based on bids and quality of work. All local studios are sent a bid form. The prom committee chooses the photographer based on quality of work, price and delivery time.

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Construction / Set-up / Tear-down:

  1. Set construction will be done on some evenings before the prom and on the set up day before the prom.
  2. Prom set work days are scheduled each year. Students usually work on the set 2-3 nights a week for several weeks prior to prom. The advisors are expected to be present during this time.
  3. We complete decorating for the prom the Friday before prom and tear-down the set after the prom.
  4. The Friday before prom is considered the setup day. Some students will be excused to work on the prom set for the day. Excused students must have their teachers approval and that of the advisors. Each school may have other requirements to be excused. It usually takes between 50 and 75 students to set up the prom. The lunch for the setup day is paid for out of prom funds. Students are expected to be at the Civic Center from 8:00am to completion on the setup day. Students who have not been approved by the advisors will not help on setup day.
  5. The DJ setups on the morning before the prom, usually beginning about 8:00am. They must be finished by 12:00 noon. One advisor must be there during this time.
  6. Prom visitation is from 12:00 - 2:00 pm on the Saturday of the prom. There is also a visitation area open to parents on the night of the prom.
  7. Prom servers (at least five per school) are needed on the night of the prom to serve refreshments and help with the tear down. They are provided by the freshman and sophomore class. They and their advisors are expected to be at the prom by 6:30pm and stay through the tear down. As of 2011, the Civic Center will do the coat check as this process has been inconsistent in the past.
  8. The prom tear-down does not start until the last song is over on the night of prom.

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Advisor's Responsibilities

  1. The prom account is taken care of at Stevens High School where payments and orders are made by the advisors. Each school will provide ticket takers as well as a cash box on the night of the prom.
  2. ALL advisors are expected to be present during the setup on Friday, the visitation on Saturday, the prom, and the prom take-down immediately after prom is over. Plans to attend concerts, rodeos, etc. should not be made for the day and night of prom. All advisors are needed for the prom.
  3. It is necessary for all of the advisors to arrive early (about 6:00pm) on the night of prom to supervise the prom servers and put up any decorations that may have fallen down.
  4. One advisor must oversee the packing up of the prom decorations. Boxes need to be labeled.
  5. Anyone collecting throw-out decorations will not be allowed before 1:00am on the morning following the prom.
  6. An invitation to prom is extended to the faculty of both high schools as well as the C/SAC administrators and the school board. One of the advisors will be in charge of invitations.
  7. Prom bills should be paid before the school year ends in May. Stevens High School is responsible for the prom account.

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